Two "Strangers" Steal the Show In A Football Dance Battle

January 7th, 2019

It was just a regular Saturday at a college football game for the audience at a match between the West Virginia Mountaineers and the TCU Horned Frogs.

That is, until they were treated to a surprise dance off between two ‘strangers’ who bumped into each other in the bleachers.

In a footage that caught the dance off, we see it unfold somewhere in the crowd on the Mountaineers side of the stadium.

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Charles E. Hayes via Twitter Source: Charles E. Hayes via Twitter

An Unexpected Dance Battle

It began when a man wearing a blue Mountaineers hoodie starts to boogie by himself in an aisle to the music blasting at the stadium.

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WVU Football via Facebook Source: WVU Football via Facebook

Then we see another Mountaineers fan, this time wearing a gray sweater, bump into the dancing fan looking totally unimpressed. The two then started having what seems to be a wordless argument after which they launch into a full-blown dance together.

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WVU Football via Facebook Source: WVU Football via Facebook

Amidst the crowds of Mountaineers supporters, the two continued to get into an impressive dance battle as the people around them cheer them on.

Just Two Friends Having Fun

But there’s a catch.

While the two men definitely have great moves, the dance-off was actually staged.

The minds behind the entertaining act are buddies Anderson Small, a broadcast journalism major at West Virginia University (WVU), and Charles E. Hayes, a graduate from the same university who works as a special education teacher.

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WVU Football via Facebook Source: WVU Football via Facebook

A Game Tradition Gone Viral

As Mountaineers fans revealed in the video comments, Hayes is actually known for dancing at games.

“He steals the show every game. !!! Good WV fun !!!”

– Sheila Hill-Kovarik

“That’s a tradition at the WVU game! Him dancing on the big screen….dude can dance💛 WVU probably gives him season tickets lol love it though 💛💛”

– Kristina Grandbouche

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WVU Football via Facebook Source: WVU Football via Facebook

Since posting, the video has gone viral and even caught the attention of ESPN.

The video currently has over a million views on Facebook with thousands of college football fans weighing in on the two friends’ funny antics and sharing their reactions.

Owning It

Because of Hayes’ consistent entertaining presence at WV games, he’s now known as ‘the dancing guy’ and owns the title.

“If I can support the Mountaineers with a little boost of dance, I will gladly do it every single time.”

– Hayes in an interview with The DA Online, an independent student-run newspaper at WVU.

Showing his commitment and support, Hayes says that he went to every home game for this season. However, getting attention from the game camera isn’t his primary goal for attending.

“My main goal is to support the Mountaineers.”

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WVU Football via Facebook Source: WVU Football via Facebook

And he expresses this support in the best way he knows how – dancing.

“Dancing is one of those things where I feel the beat and I get going. I love it that way.”

A platform for worthwhile causes.

Putting Fame to Good Use

Not surprising, Hayes’ reputation has gotten him a lot of followers on his social media accounts.

While thankful for the support it has gotten him, Hayes is determined to use his new-found fame to promote causes that are close to his heart.

He is currently promoting a charity dance marathon called MountaineerThon to raise funds for WVU’s children’s hospital.

We know he is going to bring a lot of spirit to any cause he chooses.

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Dance Off


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