Cool Off This Summer With A Giant Unicorn Sprinkler

April 11th, 2018

Spring is already here, and I am loving the warmer weather. But before we know it, summer will be here as well, along with all the hot temperatures that come with it.

With your kids on summer vacation, you can do some classic things to entertain them. You can go to the beach or the pool and soak up all the sun that summer has to offer.

But you won’t always be able to make that beach or pool trip, and your kids might quickly get bored at home.

If you’re looking for a way for your kids to have fun in the sun in your own backyard, look no further. Big Mouth Toys has come up with the solution for you.

Introducing… ginormous animal yard sprinklers!

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Now, I know what you’re thinking. When I say “ginormous”, just how big is this thing? Can it really be qualified as “ginormous”?

The answer is yes. These yard sprinklers stand at an impressive 7 feet tall and are made with durable vinyl for even the most callous children. It comes in three styles: a unicorn, a t-rex, or an elephant.

Regardless of which model you choose, you are making the right decision. Here are five reasons why you should make your neighbors jealous with this big toy in your backyard.

1. It will tower over your yard

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Did we mention that these giant yard sprinklers are 7 feet tall? That’s taller than your average human and huge to your tiny child.

Your kids will be so excited running around this sprinkler that they might get exhausted from their own hype. Each sprinkler has a unique way of spraying water too, with the unicorn spraying from its horn, the elephant spraying from its trunk, and the T-rex spraying from his snout.

If you get a t-rex, you can play with your kids and pretend you’re all in Jurassic Park. Bonus points if you have the theme playing in the background!

2. It’s easy to use

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With all the high tech toys out there, sometimes setting up a new toy is just as tedious as buying one. Thankfully, these yard sprinklers are very simple to use.

To set yours up, follow these three basic steps:

  • Inflate the sprinkler
  • Connect it to a garden hose
  • Turn the water on and let the water fly for some classic summer fun

3, It’s easy to put away

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The large size of these sprinklers might make them seem like they are a pain to put away. Don’t worry, Big Mouth Toys thought of that too, so they included a wide-mouth cap on the air valve for fast deflation.

Once these bad boys are deflated, they can be easily stored away in a compact space until they make their grand return next summer.

4. It will be a hit at parties

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Big Mouth Inc Source: Big Mouth Inc

Having an inflatable something at a children’s party is a classic staple. You can have a bouncy house, sure, or how about a giant sprinkler for all the kids to run around on? They can play games like trying to avoid getting sprayed, or maybe even pin the tail on the giant unicorn.

And while this sprinkler might seem like a thing for children, I think it could be a great hit for adults too. Who wouldn’t want to fulfill their childhood dream of having water sprayed on them by a giant 7 feet tall unicorn?

5. You can get it at a local retailer, like Target

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Big Mouth Inc Source: Big Mouth Inc

Have all these compelling reasons given you an urgency to get a ginormous yard sprinkler right now? Have no fear. You can go in person to Target and pick up your very own ginormous yard sprinkler, or you can order online from Target or Big Mouth Toys. Your choice.

I know I’ll be placing an order of my own. These are awesome!

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