New Bridge In Vietnam Held By Two Giant Hands

August 6th, 2018

There may be something new to add to the list of Wonders of the World. Vietnam’s new Golden Bridge or Cầu Vàng – Bà Nà Hills is taking the world by storm.

The architecturally exquisite bridge which is located in Da Nang, Vietnam is making it’s round on social media.

The bridge is built over 1,400 miles from the ground and runs between the central mountains of Vietnam.

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It appears to be held up by two massive stone hands and has been given the title “God’s Hands.”

However, the hands aren’t actually carved from stone.

“We designed the skeleton of the hands and covered them with steel meshes,” a representative of TA Landscape Architecture, who designed the bridge, told Bored Panda.

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“Then we finished with fiberglass and added the theming on it. The entire construction of the bridge took about a year.”

Tourists have been flocking to the bridge since it opened in June.

Many have shared photos of themselves on the Instagram-worthy bridge which looks like they’re floating in the clouds.

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The bridge has a gold-colored walkway and is lined with purple Lobelia Chrysanthemums.

It is 150 meters long and is beautifully curved.

The bridge was designed by architect Vu Viet Anh of the TA Landscape Architecture.

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Anh told IOL that his intention was to allow the bridge to give people a great view of the cliff tops and faces of the Ba Na mountains.

He says his creation looks like “God’s hands pulled a strip of gold from the mountains, creating a walkway in the sky, among the foggy and fairy-like lands of Ba Na mountain”.

The structure is part of a $2 billion investment to boost tourism in Vietnam.

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And by the looks of social media, it’s working.

“I feel like I’m walking on clouds,” Vuong Thuy Linh, a tourist from Hanoi, told Reuters. “It’s so unique”.

Anh says he’s been surprised by all the attention his creation has gotten so far.

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Not sure what else he expected would happen after building such a wondrous creation.

“The two, smooth, giant hands look real,” said Truong Hoang Linh Thuy, another tourist. “It makes me feel like humans can do anything”.

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And from the looks of this bridge, Linh just might be right. You can learn more about this project and see what it’s like to talk a walk on it in the video below.

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