Woman Films Calm Water Until Boat Rocks Leading To Sight That Leaves Everyone Gasping

August 15th, 2018

When on a family vacation it’s always fun to try new things. If you’re anywhere near an ocean, chances are that there are plenty of whale watching tours departing from the docks. My family used to do this every summer when we went to Cape Cod. It wasn’t always everyone’s favorite thing to do, because while most of us loved it, my brother was terrified of whales.

He would have had a heart attack had he been on the boat in the video below.

You never know what kind of adventure you’re about to embark upon when you go on a whale watching tour. You might not even see any whales that day, and that’s a huge disappointment. Even a flipper in the distance is an exciting sight to see. The guides are usually pretty great about knowing how to find where the whales are.

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But, if you’re lucky, you could get very, very up close and personal.

When this little boat went out off the coast of Australia, the passengers were in for a big surprise. Rather, a huge surprise.

Port Jet Cruise Adventures operates out of New South Wales, Australia. Their little yellow boat is able to get up close and personal with the whales. Even better, the boat is equipped with eco-friendly engines to ensure that no aquatic life is at all harmed in any way.

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Sometimes, the whales even interact with the folks on the boat, floating right next to it to say hello to all the passengers and the guides that are out on the water every day. You could even say that these massive mammals have some kind of emotional relationship with the folks that come out to admire them day in and day out.

Just look at this sweet no-so-little-whale that delayed the return of a cruise one day, just by being too cute to leave behind.

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On this particular adventure, though, the whales might have gotten a little too up close and personal with the little yellow boat.

One whale was a little bit of a showoff.

As the camera looks out towards a couple of whales out in the distance, flashing their tails and flapping their fins, you can sense that something else is on its way. The gentle rocking of the boat and the water lapping up against the sides are like the silence before the big scare in a horror movie. Hitchcock couldn’t have set this up better if he tried.

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All of a sudden, the camera swiftly pans to the right to show a huge whale breaching a mere feet away from the tiny yellow boat.

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Everyone on the boat screams with excitement as the majestic creature soars through the air. If I were there, I think my heart would have skipped a beat or two… or three. Yikes!

You can hear one of the folks saying,

“That was a bit close…”

When the whale lands, everyone on the boat is immediately soaked by the enormous splash. Can you imagine the adrenaline pumping through everyone’s blood at that moment? What a thrill.

This is certainly a once in a lifetime experience for this lucky group of whale watchers.

What would you have done if you’d been on this little yellow boat?

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Some amazing footage captured by Tash Morton on this afternoons whale watch ! Wave Rider got a wash ! 📷Tash Morton

Posted by Port Jet Cruise Adventures on Friday, June 8, 2018

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