Woman Constantly Pulled Over By Dad Cop

February 5th, 2018

There’s nothing worse than getting pulled over for a ticket. Not only does it involve an adult being reprimanded like a child by someone whose salary you pay through your taxes, but it can also raise your car insurance, cost you points on your license, and result in paying hefty fines.

Basically, it’s a total shit storm.

And going to fight that ticket is its own form of torture. The last time I went to go fight my ticket I was ushered like cattle with dozens of others single file into the most narrow hallway I’ve ever seen in my life.

Then I stood in that line for three hours while I and others mustered obscenities and other things under our breaths secretly hoping the person next to us would hear so they would join in and we could complain together.

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Only to be belittled again and talked to like I am some kind of moron by a police officer who clearly gets off on this power trip right before I pay them a slightly smaller amount in penalties plus court fees.

It.. is… the… WORST!

One woman on YouTube gets it and was finally fed up with being pulled over by a local cop.

So, the last time he pulled her over she decided to video the ordeal and finally gave him a piece of her mind in a video titled, “These cops will literally pull you over for anything.”

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“Well, ya’ll I just got pulled over,” she explains.

“Pull over, game over,” another woman in the car taunts off camera.

That’s when you hear a knocking sound and it’s the officer at her window asking her to roll it down.

“License and registration, and insurance please,” the officer says with a smirk.

Then he blatantly laughs at her, but it’s not because he’s being mean.

“Dad, we’ve been through,” she says to the officer. “This, you can’t just pull me over because you see my car on the road.”

“I was just making sure you were OK,” he says lovingly as they both have a good laugh.

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The video ended up going viral on YouTube and got more than 2.4 million views.

People absolutely love it.

“That was sweet. What a caring dad and good-natured daughter. You both rock! Stay safe,” said one YouTuber.

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You can watch this adorable video below.

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