Woman Claims Ginger & Honey Wrap Can Cure A Baby's Cold

February 28th, 2018

There is almost nothing worse than catching a cold.

It all starts with just a sneeze. You try to convince yourself that maybe it is just your allergies. But then your nose starts running, your eyes are watery, and all you want to do is sleep!

For a parent, nothing is more upsetting than watching your child cough and cry over a cold.

While some swear by over-the-counter medicine, others like to try more natural and homeopathic remedies to cure a cold.

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Organ Wellness, a website “Founded by Nutritionist. Experts living a healthier lifestyle and making better choices ” shared a video on Facebook of one of these remedies for a cough that many parents are swearing by.

The remedy is so simple, many people even have the ingredients already sitting in their kitchens!

All the remedy requires is:

1 cup of grated ginger/ginger powder
1 cup of raw honey
1 tbsp of flour
1/2 cup of olive oil

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First, the honey and the flour should be combined together until they make a homogeneous mixture. Then, drizzle in the olive oil and add the ginger.

It should then be stirred again and poured onto a napkin. After that, it should be applied to the chest (or back) and secured with gauze onto whoever needs it and wrapped with plastic wrap and adhesive tape.

For children, the remedy says it should be applied for three hours, and for it adults, it can be worn overnight.

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This remedy is suggested to work as soon as the wrap is taken off. If it works, it is meant to get rid of a cough and remove mucus from the lungs.

The key to this remedy is the ginger, as the health benefits of ginger are well documented.

According to Rachael Link, MS, RD, ginger is known to help with:

Fungal infections
Menstrual pain
Stomach ulcers
Bacterial Infections

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As all natural remedies tend to do, a huge debate broke out over the post. Many claimed that modern medicine is the only cure for a cough or cold, suggesting only a doctor can cure it.

Others felt that natural remedies are much better for the human body than medicine and told others, “Then when you run out of modern medicine don’t go begging all the “hippies” to help cure you with leaves, honey, and tree bark.”

And another group of commenters was people suggesting other alternative natural remedies that work better for a cough and a cold, like an onion.

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Would you, or have you already, tried a homeopathic remedy like this for your child when they are sick?

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