Costco: it’s a shopping center that has a bit of a cult follower, especially for people who love coupons, discounts, and deals. For those who aren’t a part of the elusive membership club, it might seem a little bit intimidating. What is it about Costco that makes it such a special shopping center?

Anyone who’s a dedicated fan of the chain will probably have a different answer for you. Some might say that they love the “treasure hunt” layout of the store, which makes shoppers feel like they’re discovering great deals by coincidence. Others love the ability to buy in bulk without putting a significant strain on their wallet. And others might say they’re obsessed with the store’s discount brand, Kirkland Signature, which by all accounts is just as good as the name brand.

Whatever customers say, Costco is an unusual beast when it comes to shopping. The store only stocks a limited amount of inventory, with a few thousand items as opposed to the hundreds of thousands of items you can find in most mega shopping centers. This means that it can offer lower prices than almost any other chain. But let’s be clear: there are still plenty of tips and tricks for shopping at Costco.