‘Easy’ 5th grade questions leave adults scratching their heads
Wow! It surprised me how much I didn't know!
Kate Miano

Remember fifth grade? That tumultuous time between elementary school and middle school? There’s a lot changing around you, and on top of that, you’re expected to know some really hard things!

The knowledge that kids learn isn’t always relevant to day-to-day life, as we all know.

flickr - Gamerscore blog
flickr - Gamerscore blog

While it is important to learn all sorts of different ideas and skills in order to develop your brain fully, not everything you once learned in school will necessarily come up again. You probably don’t talk about different species of dinosaurs every day at the office, for example.

flickr - One Laptop per Child
flickr - One Laptop per Child

Also school curriculum’s are constantly changing to keep up with the times. So stuff that you may have learned in school, such as cursive, is now leaving to make way for newer ideas, like media literacy or tech skills. Even as adults, it’s good to check back every now and then and see if the knowledge we have is relevant to the world around us.

As we get older, sometimes we forget exactly how hard school was.

flickr - Joe Goldberg
flickr - Joe Goldberg

There is so much knowledge that kids are supposed to learn and remember. Adulthood can be tough too, but at least we don’t get quizzed every week about what we know. I mean, except for right now.

flickr - Gamerscore blog
flickr - Gamerscore blog

You might be surprised to see how hard it is to answer some of these questions. Keep in mind, a lot has changed since you were a fifth grader!

Take our quiz to see if you really are smarter than a fifth grader! Then see who wins when an adult faces off against a 5th grade in the video below.

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Can you pass this 5th grade quiz?

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Where are the smallest bones in the human body located?

2 / 10

My friend has 8 oranges and I take 5 of them. How many will I have left?

3 / 10

Omnivores can

4 / 10

Quick. What is the product of 6 x 7?

5 / 10

Which Titan in Greek mythology held the heavens on his shoulders?

6 / 10

What is a bonobo?

7 / 10

Which is the correct spelling?

8 / 10

Which of these states has a bigger coastline?

9 / 10

Unscramble this word: sourhlaii

10 / 10

Bonus: Which planet is furthest from the sun?

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By Kate Miano
Kate Miano is a contributor at SBLY Media.