Single mom of adopted son takes in newborn girl only to realize she’s his biological sister

May 11th, 2021

Katie Price’s adoption story is one of a kind.

Adoption stories are always inspiring. Giving a child their forever home is a priceless gift a foster parent could ever give. It brings them hope and shows how much you care and love them.

But this story is more than just that.

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Katie just went through a divorce when she decided she would not let her situation defeat her. Instead, she marched on to her new life. She moved to Colorado and got a new job.

What Katie didn’t expect is that in this new life, she’ll become a single mom.

In 2016, Katie learned that a four-day-old boy was left in their local hospital.

She knew she has to do something. It was like fate calling her, and she decided to foster the baby boy and named him Grayson. In just 11 months, she was given parental rights to the little boy and legally became his mother.

However, this adoption story doesn’t end here.

Somebody left another newborn in the local hospital. This time, a girl.

Katie had plans to adopt another child when the time is right. When the hospital called her, her mind was racing the whole time, probably thinking if it is indeed the right time to go for a second adoption.

She called family and friends for some advice, and they told her to go for it.

Within a few hours, she took home the baby girl and named her Hannah.

But she noticed something about the baby that jilted her.

She looked at Hanna’s hospital bracelet and saw that the mother’s name of this baby girl was the same as Grayson’s mother, so as the mother’s birthday. This could only mean one thing: Grayson and Hannah are siblings!

Katie had to make sure and tracked down their mother.

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She confirmed that she gave birth to a baby boy almost a year ago before Hannah. To make sure, Katie also had the kids’ DNA tested, and that confirms it: Grayson and Hannah are half-siblings.

This is such a rare adoption story.

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Katie is thankful that she listened to the voice within her that told her to adopt Hannah. It’s been a rollercoaster ride for her since.

And here’s the bigger surprise:

In August 2018, Grayson and Hannah’s biological mother gave birth to another baby boy.

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And you guessed it right, Katie took another leap and fostered him.

Lewis Jackson brought so much joy to Katie and his siblings. After 699 days in foster care, he got adopted and is now Katie’s legal son.

Katie continues to foster kids in her home.

Just when she thought she needed a break from fostering, she believed God had other plans for her. The local hospital runs to Katie whenever a baby is left in their care. Katie could never turn her back on them.

She’s currently fostering two kids in her home.

This time, she has high hopes that the kids she fostered will be sent back to their birth parents. Although it makes her sad, she knows being reunited with your real family is just as joyful (or even more) than being adopted.

Whether Katie is still open to adopting more kids, she’s leaving it to God’s plan for her.

Watch the video below to listen to Katie’s story on how Grayson and Hannah came into her life.

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